Foam Rolling 101 – the Perfect Choice for Athletes

You’ve probably heard about foam rolling, or seen them propped up against the wall at your local gym, but many people are still in the dark when it comes to what foam rollers actually are and their benefits. In fact, these products provide a quick, convenient, and versatile method of massaging your own muscles without… Continue reading Foam Rolling 101 – the Perfect Choice for Athletes

How to Recover After a Long Run

Pounding out 10 or 20 miles is hard on your body. To avoid injury and keep yourself interested in running, you need to actively recover. This takes more than just stretching your quads and eating a bagel. Here are five ways you can boost your post-run recovery efforts. Compression Socks Tight, knee-length socks reduce muscle… Continue reading How to Recover After a Long Run

What Is Runner’s High?

Whether you’re an experienced runner or you’re just getting started, you may have heard of the term ‘runner’s high’, but don’t really know what it’s all about. How could the simple act of running be likened to the effects of a drug, but without all the side effects? Equally, you may have even experienced this… Continue reading What Is Runner’s High?

Tips for Running a 5K

5K runs accomplish all sorts of things. They are great fundraising events for charity organizations. They also inspire community and give people something to work to accomplish. Use the following tips to make the best out of your 5K run: 1. Have a training plan and stick to it Few people can go from couch… Continue reading Tips for Running a 5K