Running Tips – Top Stretches for Runners

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One of the best ways to improve the caliber of your running is to improve how you stretch your muscles. Tight muscles can lead to serious running injuries, which often results in weight gain and loss of stamina. If you are looking for running tips to help you improve the quality of your stretching routine, consider incorporating the following stretches into your running efforts.

Kneeling Hip Stretch

The kneeling hip stretch is an excellent post-run way to provide relief to tired muscles.

Make sure you are keeping your back straight and stretching your hip muscles without putting too much pressure on your knees. These stretches might feel awkward at first, but your joints will thank you the next day for taking the time to stretch after an exhilarating run.

Toe Touch

Perform a series of toe touch stretches before and after a run.

Toe touches help you stretch your hamstring muscles and can prevent those painful muscle cramps when relaxing after a run.

Shoulder Rolls

Shoulder rolls are an excellent way to keep your shoulders and chest loose during a run.

Roll each shoulder individually, making sure you feel plenty of movement in the shoulder blade area.

Neck Stretch

Gently stretch your neck to each side before heading out for a healthy run.

Repeat your neck stretches post-run to help you ward off tight shoulder muscles the next day.

How you stretch is just as important as how you run. Taking care of your muscles will ensure your runs are as enjoyable as possible. What are your thoughts? Which muscles stretches do you find especially helpful for improving the quality of your running activities?

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